Why is Choosing Astoundant Such a Smart Business Move?

More Time for What’s Really Important

Get more done every day and check more boxes with a system that works for you. We got you.

Thoroughly Reach Your Clients

With a fully customizable system with 40 features out of the box, you’ll see nothing but big, fat targets on your clients.

Sleep Better at Night

100% Money Back Guarantee. No contracts, so cancel anytime. Super-responsive tech support that garners a 90% customer satisfaction rating. Again, we got you.

40+ Standard Features

With Astoundant, you don’t pay extra for these features.

No Contracts

Pay as you go. Cancel anytime. No early termination fees.

Music on Hold

Pleasant royalty-free hold music.

Virtual Receptionist

For sales, press 1. For support, press 2.

Keep Your Number

Keep the same number.

Call Return

Return the last missed call without entering the full number.

Text Messaging

Send text messages to other phones.

Call Pickup

Answer ringing extension remotely from another extension.

Caller ID Basic

Display a 10-digit number on incoming and outgoing calls.

Caller ID w/ Call Waiting

See the number on incoming call waiting.

Blind Call Transfer

Transfer to extension and hangup immediately.

Semi-Attended Call Transfer

Wait to hear a ringtone before transferring the call.

Attended Call Transfer

Wait for the other party to pickup before transferring the call.


Block incoming calls from specific phone numbers.

International Call Blocking

Block outgoing and incoming international calls.

Follow Me

Ring numbers on incoming calls.

Call Failover

Get incoming calls during power & Internet outages.

Enhanced Voicemail

Every extension: 3 greetings and store 50 messages.

Voicemail to Email

Get audio attachments of messages emailed to you.

Voicemail Speech to Text

Get transcriptions of messages sent to you.

3-Way Calling

Talk with 2 other callers at the same time.

Astoundant IP Desk Phone
Unlimited Local Calling

Unlimited calls in the same area code.

Unlimited Long Distance

Unlimited calls anywhere in the US & Canada.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls to an internal extension or any outside number.

Unconditional Call Forward

Forward calls no matter what.

Busy Call Forward

Forward calls only if you’re on the phone.

No Answer Call Forward

Forward calls that aren’t answered right away.


Intercom another extension instead of calling it.

Integrated Contact List

Make your own contact list.

Softphone Compatible

Take & Make calls on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

HD Voice

Hi-Def voice for crystal clear calls.

Busy Lamp Field

Display if an extension is on a call.

Call on Available

Call an extension as soon as its available.

Transfer Anywhere

Transfer a call to any external number.

Transfer to Voicemail

Send directly to voicemail without rings.

Anonymous Blacklist

Blacklist anonymous calls.

Do Not Disturb

Send incoming calls directly to voicemail.

Call Park

Pickup held calls at any extension.

Ring Groups

Send calls to extension groups.

Record Calls

Record calls for quality purposes.

Speed Dial

Assign shortcodes to frequently dialed numbers.

Extension Spy

Listen to another extension’s calls.

Other Astoundant Customers

A Plan for Every Business

Simple and affordable price plans for your business.



1 number & 1 user

Add addl users at same rate

Unlimited Calls*: US & Canada

40 Standard Features



1 number & 1 user

Add addl users at same rate

Unlimited Calls*: US & Canada

40 Standard Features

*Subject to Reasonable Use Policy. See Terms and Conditions.



1 number & 1 user

Add addl users at same rate

Unlimited Calls*: US & Canada

40 Standard Features