Virtual PBX for small business — a guide for SMBs

Virtual PBX for small business — a guide for SMBs

Astoundant’s virtual PBX for small business provides affordable voice service with 40 features included that huge corporations get. Enjoy the benefit of affordability, reliability, and flexibility.

A virtual PBX for small business is affordable

For just $19.99 per month per user, each of your employees get features that enhance productivity. Get each voicemail by email of an attached file and a speech to text transcription; listen, read, or do both. Stepping out of the office and can’t miss an important call? Forward calls to your mobile. To maintain a professional image, never let a call go to voicemail during business hours. Use ring groups so multiple phones ring on incoming calls.

A virtual PBX for small business is reliable

Why is this so affordable? Incoming and outgoing calls route through the Internet. Astoundant’s cloud infrastructure has several layers of redundancy to ensure that all calls reach our customers’ Internet doorsteps. In fact, we guarantee it. Customers receive a prorated refund for the time period that calls do not reach their Internet doorstep.

Gone are the days of early VoIP technology — choppy sound, voices that cut out every other word, or random disconnections. Astoundant also uses Asterisk as its base software platform. Asterisk is used by every Fortune 1000 company in over 60 countries. With the combination of cutting edge software and cloud technologies, we can provide robust, reliable voice service.

Even so, Internet connections still go down. What happens then? With a virtual PBX for small business, incoming callers will hear a voicemail greeting. It will appear as if you were too busy to answer the phone. They’ll leave a message and be none the wiser.

Internet service has also become more reliable and faster. To use virtual PBX for small business, 5 employees only need 300-500 KB of bandwidth, assuming every employee is on a call at the same time. With high speed Internet eclipsing gigabit speeds in many areas, a max of 300-500 KB is a tiny fraction of many business’ overall bandwidth.

People over profits

Astoundant believes in people over profits. Highly reliable business phone service is nothing without world-class customer service. We place an emphasis on responding quickly to all customer inquiries and support requests. Pay monthly, quarterly, or annually, but never get tied down to a long-term contract. Customers can switch anytime they like. We also provide easy to read monthly statements.

But don’t take our word for it. Read what our customers have to say. Despite our no long term contract policy, over half of our customers have used our service for at least 5 years. We also receive referrals for new business from our current customers every month, and we don’t even have a referral program.

A virtual PBX for small business is flexible.

With a virtual PBX for small business, there’s no need to maintain expensive equipment at your place of business. Get adapters for existing analog phones, use Internet phones, or use a softphone app on a PC, tablet, or smartphone. If you primarily answer the phone, even get incoming calls to your business number automatically routed to mobile phones.

Additional features also make the system flexible. A virtual receptionist greets incoming callers with a message followed by an option menu. Direct callers to departments or specific employees. Since many telemarketers use automated dialers, a virtual receptionist can reduce telemarketing calls by up to 80%.

From insurance and real estate brokers, financial services, restaurants, to auto shops and car dealerships… A virtual PBX for small business from Astoundant can help. Help your business with an affordable, reliable, and flexible solution.